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1) Registration of the Societies –
As per section 9 of Co-Operative Societies Act, Registrar can register the society, for smooth functioning of the society, if the aims and objects of the society are meant for growth of its members or financial welfare of common people or general welfare as per section 5.

2) Making decision on specific issues –
As per section 11, Registrar can make decision on whether any person is a farmer or not or whether any person is residing in workspace of society or not or whether any person is doing some job, work, occupation or not. This decision is considered as final, but concern person should be given a chance to explain his grievance.

3) Categorization of the societies –
As per section 12, Registrar can categorize the agricultural marketing societies, apex body, federal societies, general societies, housing societies, Citation irrigation societies, processing societies, appliance societies, societies with limited obligation, societies with unlimited obligation in any one or two or sub category.

4) Issuing directives for reforms in bylaw’s –
As per section 14, Registrar can issue directives regarding making reforms in bylaws within specific period of time, if he found it necessary or desirable for the welfare of the society.

5) Giving Approval to change the name of the Society –
As per section 15, Registrar can give approval to change the name of the society.

6) Consolidation, transfer, distribution or conversion of the Societies –
Registrar holds the right to approve consolidation of one society with another as per approved proposal, transfer of obligations and properties, fully or partly, distribution in two or more societies or conversing society in other class, as per section 17 or issue directives as per section 18.

7) Consolidation of the cooperative societies –
As per section 18-A, if the Registrar becomes sure that consolidation of two or more banks is important for their well management or in the interest of the people; he can imply so in Gazette after availing permission from state.

8) Consolidation of primary Agriculture credit societies –
Registrar can consolidate primary Agriculture credit societies to ensure financial growth capacity of one or more primary Agriculture credit societies, or to avoid conflict or overlapping of Jurisdiction between such societies from any field or for the proper management of such societies or for the welfare of the state credit structure or co-operative movement or for the welfare of the depositors and public welfare, as per section 18-B.

9) As per section 19, Registrar can issue order to reconstruct the society.

10) Partnership of the Societies –
As per section 20, approval could be given to two or more societies to enter in agreement of partnership for specific business or any specific businesses.

11) Canceling the registration of the society –
As per section 21-A, Registrar can cancel the registration of the society if the proposed work of the society is complete or finished or the purpose is not fulfilled, for which the society is formed.

12) Decision on inclusion as a member –
Registrar can take decision if the society had denied to include as a member or if any person had appealed as per section 23(2). Such decision is considered as final.

13) Removing member’s name –
As per section 25-A, Registrar can issue directive to remove the member’s name.

14) Admit member –
As per section 35, Registrar can approve the admission of any person as a member or as per the application by society.

15) Approving society to disburse loan to other society –
As er section 44, special approval could be given to society to disburse loan to other society.

16) Fund investment –
As per section 70, Registrar can impose condition on society to invest its fund at one place or elsewhere.

17) Elections of Notified Societies –
As per section 73-1-C, Registrar can recover the expenditure on election of society or group of societies, mentioned in section 73-G. Along with this, he also holds the right to call special assembly on motion of no-confidence, apposing officers of the society and preside over it. He can take charge of administration as per section 73-H or appoint Administrator, in case the members of the society could not arrange election for the members before finishing the tenure.

18) Making decision on Officer’s qualification and appointing them –
As per section 74, Registrar can make decision on qualification and appointment of Chief Executive Officer, Finance officer, Manager, Secretary, Accountant or any other officer of the society or group of society. He can grant period of maximum three months to conduct Annual General meeting, as per section 75. In case the AGM is not called within extended period, Registrar holds the right to issue disqualification for three years to the defaulter officer or member and charge fine of maximum Rs. 100, as per section 75 (5).

19) Calling Special General Meeting –
Special General Meeting could be called by instructing Registrar or person authorized by him, as per section No. 76.

20) Appointing administrator –
If any default is left while selecting the member for committee formation or the committee had not assumed the office, Registrar can appoint the administrator or committee member, as per section 77-A.

21) Removing committee or member –
As per section 78, if any committee or any member of the society found guilty for making harmful act’s for the society or failing to complete his responsibilities, Registrar holds the right of removing such committee or member.

22) Right to tell to obey the restrictions –
As per section 79, Registrar can issue directives to society to keep the book of calculation, statement, details and present the records. He also holds the right to send the report of the society to state government as per section 79-A. He can issue directives to society to form regulation as per section 79AA. He can remove any member if concern member failed to provide preservation of his farming production, as per section 79-B.

23) Seizing the Records –
As per section 80, Registrar can seize the records, property of the society if he becomes sure that there is any possibility of repressing or illegal alteration or destruction of the books or records.

24) Conducting Audit –
Registrar can conduct audit of societies once in a year that are disbursed financial assistance with guarantee by state government or government venture or finance institute, as per section 81.

25) As per section 82, Registrar can issue order asking for correcting the errors in accounts.


26) Conducting Inquiry –
Registrar can conduct enquiry regarding formation, proceedings and financial status of any society as per section 83.

27) Inspection of register’s of debt ridden society – As per section 84, Registrar can make inspection of registers of society, which is indebt of government or which has been provided share capital by government.

28) Registrar can order to part the property of the society, member or lender, officers or ex-officers of the society, ex member, departed member for inspection and inquiry done as per section 84 and recover the expenditure by applying to magistrate as per section 86.

29) Registrar holds the right to bring the drawbacks, revealed in inquiry or inspection, to the notice of the society, as per section 87 and take necessary steps.

30) Right to charge for compensation –
As per section 88, Registrar holds right to charge compensation from any person, if he is sure that the person had misused money or property of the society or kept it to himself/herself and he/she is guilty.

31) As per section 89, Registrar can issue summons to call any person, force him/her to be present or investigate him/her on oath or pledge or affidavit

32) As per section 89-A, Registrar hold right to observe the proceedings of the society.


33) Force to contribute- 
Registrar can force society or group of societies to give contribution of fair amount every year as per section 90.

34) As per section 95, Registrar can issue order to seize the property.

35) Registrar can liquidate the society by issuing interim order as per section 102.

36) Registrar can appoint liquidator as per section 103

37) Registrar can issue order approving Scheme related to liquidation or adjustment or management or compilation or distribution or reconstitution of insured society with prior written permission from Reserve Bank, as per section 110-A.

38) As per section 113, Registrar holds the rightto appoint trustee on State Development Bank.

39) Registrar can issue certificate to Co-Operative agriculture and rural multipurpose development Bank for recovery of the amount, as per section 137.

40) Registrar can allow permission to any society or group of societies to work as Co-Operative agriculture and rural multipurpose development Bank as per section 142.

41) As per section 156, Registrar holds the right to seize the property, sell it and recover amount by selling it off.