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निबंधकाचे अधिकार

1) Registration of the Societies –
As per section 9 of Co-Operative Societies Act, Registrar can register the society, for smooth functioning of the society, if the aims and objects of the society are meant for growth of its members or financial welfare of common people or general welfare as per section 5.


सहकारी संस्थांचे प्रकार


Sr No. Class Sub-Class Examples of societies falling in the class of
sub-class, as the case may be.
1 Agriculture Society (a) Marketing Society All purchase and sale Union and Marketing societies of Agricultural Product.
(b) Other Agricultural Societies Dairy and cattle Breading Societies.
1.A Crop Protection Society    
1.B Lift Irrigation Society    
2 Consumers society   Stores and canteens
3 Cooperative Bank (a) Central Bank District Central Banks
(b) Other Banks Urban Banks
3. A. Land Development Banks having provisions in their bye-laws to Advance loans to Cooperative Societies.    
4 Farming Society (a) Collective Farming Society Farming societies where major Area of lands is acquired from Outside agency for cultivation By members.
(b) Joint Farming Society Societies where the major area of land brought together for cultivation is held by members.
(c) Dairy Farming Society Farming Societies undertaking Dairy activities compliantly to their able farming activities or vice versa.
5 Housing Society (a) Tenant Ownership Housing Society. Housing Societies where land is Held either on lease hold or free-Hold basis by societies and houses are owned or are to be owned by members
(b) Tenant Co-partnership Housing Society. Housing societies which hold Both land and building either on Lease hold or free-hold basis And allot them to their members.
(c) Other Housing Society Housing Mortgage societies and House Construction societies.
6 Processing Society (a) Agricultural Processing Society. Societies which process agricultural produce like Cooperative Sugar Factories and Oil Mills.
(b) Industrial Processing Society Wool processing and Tanners Societies.
7 Producers Society. (a) Industrial Producers Society Weavers and carpenters soc.
(b) Labourers Industrial Society Forest Labourers Societies and Labour Contract Societies.
8 Resource Society (a) Credit Resource society. Agricultural Credit thrift, Urban Credit and Salary earners Soc.
(b) Non-Credit Resource Soc. Seeds and implements and Agricultural Requisites Societies.
(c) Service Resource Societies Service Cooperative and Multi-Purpose Cooperative societies.
9 General Society (a) Social Better Living Societies and Education societies.
(b) Commercial Insurance and Motor Transport Societies.
(c) Other Not falling in either of the above Sub-classes.