D - 3 : Mumbai Money Lending Act, 1946

Sr NoSub NoItem19841991200820092010
1 Applications received during the year4823593583011195210414
 1.1Of which (a) Fresh497600121250564075
 1.2 (b) For Renewal43265335708968966836
2 No. of fresh licenses granted389518121236073657
3 No. of licenses renewed 38065090708968916610
4 No. of licenses cancelled/suspended12327301389303
5 Total No. of licenses valid at the end of year47035608102981049810267
6 Loans advanced during the year-Total33615755497394578376445
 6.1Of which (a) to Trader10503151119641502229958
 6.2 (b) Non-Traders23112604377753119846487