Schemewise Financial Phisyical

Sr NoScheme NameFinancial ObjectiveComplete Financial ObjectivePhysical ObjectiveComplete Phisyical ObjectiveCategories
1Dr.Panjabrao Deshmukh Interest Rebate Scheme (General) and {special Component}3867.913866.46638739528008सभासद
2Subsidy to Cooperative Lift Irrigation Schemes342.54342.542515संस्था
3Share Capital Contribution to the Industrial Co-operative Societies9060.95255संस्था
4Loans to Co-operative Credit Socities for convertion of short- term loan in to mediam term laon 252511बँका
5Farmers holding less than five acres and farmers holding more than five acres {Non-Plan}Maharastra State Farmers Agriculture Debt and Loan Rebate Scheme10174101744450744507शेतकरी
6Interest subsidy of 1% providing Short Term Laon to the Farmers {Non-Plan}60006000037बँका
7Loans to Urban / Rulal Non - Agricultural Co-operative Credit Socities in financial difficulties 16721.2216721.21346346संस्था